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The Haplomics Solution




A Human Gene

The business of  Simons Haplomics is the application of Intellectual Property inventions to the Haploid (one chromosome) discovery of Genes.  Simons Haplomics single chromosome, Haploid approach  bypasses the problems experienced by other  companies searching for genes in single  individuals using Diploid (two-chromosome)  genotyping.  In particular, all existing  approaches infer or estimate Haplotypes.   

Simons Haplomics ?Haplomics solution?  provides direct, definitive, identity of Haplotypes.

Simons Haplomics single chromosome (Haploid) Genetic biotechnology Intellectual Property has been primarily developed for the application of GENE DISCOVERY and FUNCTION.

This primary focus is to apply Haploid  methodology to discover genes and their  functionality associated with:

bulletDisease Risk
bulletTransplant Recipient-Donor Matching
bulletEvolutionary Genetics
bulletDrug Reactivity Risk Assessment
bulletCommercial Traits
bulletDNA Diagnostics
bullet......... other Genes


The Blueprint of Life

Non-Coding or Coding?


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